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Celebrating the Holidays After a Divorce

Facing the holidays after a divorce, whether it’s your first year alone, or tenth year, can be fraught will stress and sadness.

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What to Bring to Your Divorce Mediation

The process of mediation can feel overwhelming, but the mediator is there to help you come to an agreement that both sides can live with and use their experience to help overcome the obstacles of division in the marital estate.

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Upset couple sitting in mediation for divorce

That Dirty Word In Mediation…“Compromise”

Compromise is not a word any of us want to use when we’re resolving a conflict. Our inherent nature is to win.  However, in mediation, the key to success (and potentially saving up to thousands of dollars in fees) is to understand the power of compromise.

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Divorce Filings Skyrocket During the Holidays

As a divorce mediator I have noticed a troubling, sad fact:  more people file for divorce during the holidays or right after.  There is something about the atmosphere of family and tradition that seems to bring everything to a boiling point; Thanksgiving and Christmas in particular emphasize family and togetherness.

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It's Okay to be Triggered

The holidays can be tough. Period.  But nothing is harder than going through the holiday when you are in the middle of a divorce or separation.

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Managing High Conflict Divorce

Mediation is generally thought of as a process where a divorcing couple sits down with a mediator and negotiates a settlement face-to-face. The mediator explains the mediation process, helps the parties collect and share financial information, and, when communication breaks down, helps them refocus on the issues at hand.

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Someone signing divorce papers

What to Expect During a Divorce

All divorces are painful.  Period.  Whether you are the person leaving, the person being left, or if it was a mutual decision by both of you.  The depth and length of the pain is unique and depends on the circumstances of the divorce.

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